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Transform Your Wedding into a Work of Art

Imagine owning a painting that captures the mood and beauty of your special day. Imagine that the artist creates it right there, live, during your ceremony or reception. Your guests will love the artistic experience, and they may even be captured in the painting.

Live event painters are professional artists who paint a depiction of a wedding or reception as it’s happening. The artist brings their canvas and supplies, sets up at the celebration, and paints a scene that includes the newlyweds, their guests, the venue, and the décor. The painting is delivered to the newlyweds after final finishing touches, which becomes a gorgeous and treasured keepsake.

The exact venue of the painting is decided prior to the event. The artist will consult with you about the best theme for your wedding painting. The first dance is a popular choice. Because receptions tend to last longer than the ceremony, most wedding paintings are created during the reception, where you and your guests can be entertained by the creation process as it evolves throughout the evening.

Couples who commission a live painting are receiving something more than a photograph or video. A painting can capture emotion and ambience; it can tell an entire story.

There are many ways these days to capture memories at your wedding—photographs, video, photo booths, GoPros, live-streaming, social media—but there’s something raw and real about a painting.

Santa Fe is known as one of the world’s major art centers, an ideal place for a live-painted wedding. For details, call us at 505-670-6570 or send us an email.

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